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Camp 2013

Written by Mark on .

Welcome home to all who were away on Camp last week and I hope that you've enjoyed all your creature comforts at home (comfy chairs, your own bed, no daily inspection etc!).

Wow, what a week and one that I hope you all enjoyed. Look out for evaluation forms that will be sent out soon for you to give your feedback on which I would like to receive back from you as quickly as possible so that we don't forget anything important for future camps.

Also, we'll be arranging a reunion (probably early in September) as a get together for all who were at camp. It was definitely a week of fun and fellowship where friendships were struck or strengthened and will be a time for many memories to be shared.

Thanks to you all, everyone at camp played their part in ensuring that the week was the success that we all prayed beforehand it would be. To the staff, who put so much effort into their planning and organising of activities - bringing together all their talents as a team just goes to show what can be achieved!

And to you, the campers, each bring your own unique personality and leave your mark on memories that we take away from this camp. Don't forget though, although camp is over (and we may well be missing it) that it was just one further step on our journey of life. I pray that we will all learn from the experience, come home as better individuals and put into practise some of the things that we have learnt, possibly change our ways and improve the way we live our lives and be able to serve one another in a better manner.

David 'Mr P'


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