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National Competitions (15-16)

Written by Daniel on .

The first set of fixtures for all the national competitons have been made and they are as follows:


Badminton- Round 2 (to be played by 29th November 2015)
10th Mid Surrey 'A' vs 9th Southend
1st Crowborough  vs 10th Mid Surrey 'B'


Chess- Round 2 (to be played by 22 November 2015)
1st Crowborough vs 10th Mid Surrey


Junior 5 a side- Round 1 (to be played by 24th January 2016)
5th Croydon
2nd Tonbridge
10th Mid Surrey
4th Barking

Senior 5 a side- Round 1 (to be played by 24th January 2016)
10th Mid Surrey 'A'
10th Mid Surrey 'B'
4th Barking
2nd Tonbridge

Masterteam- Round 1 (to be played on 7th November 2015)
1st Barnet 'A'
1st Barnet 'B' (Q)
1st Crowborough 'A' (Q)
1st Crowborough 'B'
9th Southend (Q)
10th Mid Surrey

Table Tennis- Round 1 (to be played by 22nd November 2015)
133rd London 'A' (W) vs 10th Mid Surrey 'A' (L)
133rd London 'B' (W) vs 10th Mid Surrey 'B' (L)

We are back tomorrow.

Written by Mark on .

Don't forget we are back tomorrow. Anchors from 6pm, Juniors form 6:30 and Company/Seniors from 7:15.

And the comptitions begin...

Written by Mark on .

The first of this years competitions is the Battalion 5-a-side. If you are wanting to take part make sure you see Roy (Junior Section), Mark (Company Section) or Kev (Seniors)


Easy Fundraising for the 10th

Written by Mark on . is the easiest way to raise money for 10th Mid Surrey Boys Brigade. Shop with any of over 2,700 retailers and a percentage of what you spend is donated to 10th Mid Surrey Boys Brigade at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco and many more.

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We meet on Wednesday nights (term time)

Anchor Boys - 18:00 until 19:15
Junior Section - 18:30 until 20:00
Company & Senor Section from 19:30.

Contact Us

The 10th Mid-Surrey Boys Brigade Company
Worcester Park

Anchor Boys


Anchors meet on
Wednesdays. 6:00-7:15.
This is for ages 5 - 8 years.

Junior Section


Juniors meet on
Wednesday. 6:30-8:00.
This is for ages 8-11 years

Company Section


Company Section meet on
Wednesdays. 7:15-9:15.
This is for ages 11-15 years.


Senior Section


Senior Section meet on
Wednesday. 7:15-22:00.
This is for ages 16-18 years.